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I wish to thank the members, vendors, and guests of the Middle Atlantic Section of IMSA for your attendance at our section’s 16th annual conference and certification schools held March 2 thru March 6, 2020 in beautiful Suffolk, Virginia.

We are grateful to the 135 certification attendees and the 30-plus attendees who came to renew their existing certifications.

I also wish to thank the over 175 attendees to our conference held on Wednesday March 4, 2020.

The vendors at the conference were:

CohuHD Costar                                                          Pelco Products

John Thomas, Inc. (JTI Traffic)                                   Traffic Systems & Technology (TS & T)

K & K Systems                                                            Control Technologies

J.O. Herbert Company, Inc.                                        ITS Plus, Inc.

Cubic/ Trafficware                                                       ATS-Sales, LLC.

Iteris                                                                            Multilink

Mobotrex                                                                     Horizon Signal



Please keep these vendors in mind for your future traffic needs.  Thru their continued support, they allow us to offer the needed programs at our conference.

We have already started planning for next year’s certification schools and conference the first week of March 2021.

Again, a big ‘thank you’ to all who participated and helped to make our annual conference and certification schools a great success.


Mike LiCalzi

President of the Middle Atlantic Section Of the IMSA


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