Make your plans now to be in Suffolk, Virginia on March 4 to 7, 2019 for our Fourteenth Annual Conference and Certification Week.


Mar 5

2019 Vendor Sponsorships

The Mid-Atlantic Conference is a gathering of traffic specialists from all over Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Hotel Info

As in the past we will be at the beautiful Hilton Garden Inn in Suffolk.  

IMSA Seminars

On Tuesday March 5, 2019 at the Suffolk Hilton Garden Inn, we will be sponsoring review seminars.  An important reason for establishing these seminars is the IMSA TARP program. The TARP program will distribute points for specific subject-related seminars that can be used to meet the IMSA certification renewal requirements. TARP point certificates will be distributed to seminar attendees.

The exhibition, seminars, conference and meals are all provided at no cost to attendees.

The exhibition will open at 8:00 a.m. with a breakfast buffet. Seminars will begin at 9:00 a.m. running in rooms simultaneously. They will break at noon for a lunch buffet in the exhibition hall and continue until 5:00 p.m. The seminars will be provided by contributing sponsors on topics of interest to traffic operations professionals and may be used for IMSA TARP program credit for certification renewal. 

The Middle Atlantic Section IMSA hopes to be able to continue to host these events in Hampton Roads at no cost to the attendees - so your participation is important. IMSA desires to create a venue to build TARP points for certification renewal and the conference is an invaluable opportunity for networking and fellowship for the transportation community as a whole in our region.


IMSA Middle Atlantic Certification Classes and EXAMS


Monday through Thursday, we will be holding Certification Classes and Exams. Middle Atlantic Section IMSA reserves the right to cancel scheduled certification courses and exams for non participation (any payments will be refunded.) This year we are hoping to be able to offer certifications in the major traffic related fields and levels. Classes will be held at various places. Please pay particular attention to the venue for details of the location of the classes.The Visitor Center is directly in front of the hotel, across the street.  The Traffic Engineering Training Room is five miles away from the hotel.

IMSA Members from outside Virginia, DC, Maryland and Delaware qualify for Member Prices.  We have no access to your IMSA Membership information.  You will be required to email us a copy of your IMSA Member Card.  You may retrieve a copy of the card at

Some classes require a copy of IMSA Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician Certification or equivalent as approved by the IMSA Education & Certification Manager. You will be required to upload that document before you can attend the class.  We will forward you information on how to upload that info as we get closer to the conference.

Please be sure that when you register that we have a current email address for you so that we canget in touch with you for updates. IMSA Members please note: Please be sure that the email address in your profile is correct.  We do imports from Florida and if your email address there is different from what we have it will overwrite any information here. We use an opt in email system.  If your email address has changed, please be on the lookout for an email to verify your email address.  

All classes are two day classes, and begin at 8 am and end at 5 pm.

Anyone can challenge an exam in the certifications.  In order to successfully complete, you must also complete any and all prerequisites.  Levels I and II Challenge Exams will be conducted the afternoon of the second day of class  Level III Challenge Exams may be taken either March 5 or 7, 2019.

Registration opens October 23, 2018.

Registration closes on January 18, 2019 so that we can get materials in.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  

Signs and Pavement Markings


Mar 7

Signs Senior Technician Level III

Signs Senior Technician Level III is the highest level of professional certification for sign personnel.

Pavement Markings

Mar 7

Pavement Markings Senior Technician Level III

This is the 100 question Exam to be certified as a Pavement Markings Technician Level III.


Mar 4

Roadway Lighting Technician Level I

The Roadway Lighting Technician Level I Certification review program for qualified personnel is designed to cover the fundamental knowledge and skill sets required for individuals working on Roadway Lighting.

Mar 6

Roadway Lighting Technician Level II

The Roadway Lighting Technician Level II review is an advanced certification program that is designed to build upon the fundamentals of the Roadway Lighting Level I program.

Transportation Center System Specialist

Mar 4

Transportation Center System Specialist Level I

This certification program is designed for transportation professionals whose role encompasses control and operation of a road network in a Transportation Management Center (TMC)

Mar 6

Transportation Center System Specialist Level II

The Transportation Center System Specialist (TCSS) Level II certification program continues and expands on the knowledge and skill sets gained in the Level I program


Mar 4

Traffic Signal Construction Technician Level II

The Traffic Signal Construction Level II Certification indicates the holder has a well-rounded background in traffic signal technology from coursework and experience.

Mar 4

Traffic Signal Technician Level I

IMSA Traffic Signal Level I Certification indicates that the holder is familiar with the concepts and terminology associated with signalized traffic control devices and systems.

Mar 6

Traffic Signal Field Technician Level II

The Traffic Signal Field Level II Certification indicates the holder has a well-rounded background in traffic signal technology from coursework and experience. 

Mar 6

Traffic Signal Design/Engineering Technician Level II

The Traffic Signal Design/Engineering Level II Certification indicates the holder has a well-rounded background in traffic signal technology from coursework and experience.

Mar 6

Traffic Signal NEMA Cabinet

This two day (16 hour) troubleshooting seminar covers basic traffic signal operation, function and troubleshooting of TS1 Traffic Signal Assemblies, Cabinet Components and Terminal Facilities

Traffic Signal Inspector

Mar 4

Traffic Signal Inspector Level I

The IMSA Traffic Signal Inspector Level I Certification Program is designed to ensure public safety by helping individuals to understand fundamental concepts associated with the inspection for construction of traffic signal installations.

Mar 6

Traffic Signal Inspector for Advanced Technologies

The IMSA Traffic Signal Inspector Advanced Technologies Certification Program builds on knowledge and skills developed in the Traffic Signal Inspector Level I program,

Work Zone Traffic Control

IMSA Middle Atlantic Section Annual Meeting & Elections

At 8:30 a.m. on the day of the exhibition and conference the section will convene its Annual meeting. This meeting-as required by the section bylaws-will consist of activity reports by all section officers and their particular committees as well as elections for section officers for the upcoming year. While everyone is invited to attend, only IMSA-Middle Atlantic members in good standing are permitted to vote. Nominations for elections should be made to the nomination committees as per the section bylaws.